Independent band Belladonna SMASH crowd funding target with


Belladonna raise new album funds one month early with the help of new crowdfunding site


Having only recently launched in the UK, new music crowdfunding site – the world’s first fully functioning crowdfunded record label – have started life in the UK with bang, helping independent rock group Belladonna to absolutely smash their targets in raising funds for new album to be recorded with a full Concert Orchestra.

The ‘Rock noir’ group, who have been astounding audiences and industry people ever since their inception in 2008, have hit 100% of their fundraising target with a full month left of the campaign:

The huge success means the band can look forward to heading to the studio with a bigger budget than they ever hoped, and the ability to make sure they create the best music they can for the fans who raised money for the cause. And, having worked with the high profile likes of Michael Nyman, you can guarantee there will be a premium placed on the quality of the new material.

Other UK success stories are also already starting to emerge from too.

The site have also helped songwriter Nate Mainguard raise 133% of his target for the recording of a new 4 song EP (, while shimmering electropop six piece The Black Forest Guetto can also look forward to recording their new EP with 100% of their budget intact thanks to (

Having already raised over €1 million for projects on the EU mainland, the UK launch of looks set to continue that run of success and help independent artists reach their funding goals for future projects.




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