‘Take What You Need’ – Looking For Liams new single

This addictive new track to be unleashed on June 1st

Looking For Liam are an Essex based four piece band who have been compared to the likes of Muse, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys. Formed in 2010, they first gained momentum in 2011 with a Battle of the Bands competition win, BBC Introducing coverage and a debut EP. Since then they have performed through another Battle of the Bands contest victory and an appearance at Brownstock Festival, and with new single ‘Take What You Need’ coming on June 1st they are more than busy.


Self-produced, the track is an excellent piece of their layered and thought out approach to songwriting, with deeper moments acting as punctuation to the more contemplative sections. It’s greatly impressive work from a band who are still only in their late teens, but show a great deal of maturity in their music. With four members who share a deep love for creating music, and ideas that overlap to create their varied indie back catalogue, Looking For Liam are a band who not only thrive from their great deal of talent at present, but the great potential to expand on it. That makes this band one of the most exciting in the UK right now.

Looking for Liam band members are:

Tom Harper-Ward – Lead Guitar/Keyboard/Vocals

Jordan Spowart – Rhythm Guitar

Sam House – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Charlie Townsend – Drums/Backing Vocals






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