Darryl Nash releases exciting blend of pop, rock and electronica, ‘Love Sick’


UK DIY artist, Darryl Nash, has a diverse and vibrant sound that is entirely his own. Influenced by artists as eclectic as Lady Gaga, Gary Barlow, Bloc Party and Grimes, Love Sick is an exciting cocktail of rock, pop and electronica. His vocals are bubbly and uplifting, culminating into some truly catchy choruses.  Adding to the energy are the sugary self-produced instrumentals, made up of shiny pianos, crisp guitars and shimmering synths. He even throws in some digital panpipes on ‘I Paid The Angel’.

It’s a promising LP that sees the artist embracing his youthfulness whilst showcasing a fun sense of creativity that keeps the listener constantly on their toes as to what will come next. Check out the fun lead single, ‘The Murder Chain’ below, a hi-octane pop number that spookily inspired from Jack the Ripper.

Love Sick is out 6th May.





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