Reach into the Stars- The Northcoast REVIEW

With sound akin to Vampire Weekend or Passion Pit, The Northcoast’s new track ‘Reach into the Stars’ is a refreshingly modern sound and is the perfect reflection of the bands passion and love of electro pop music. With playful lyrics and sensational rhythms, the band have created an electro/pop sound which has versatility similar to pop of the ‘80s. This trait has found a way into today’s music scene and made it hip again. This song, like all of their other creations, possesses a youthful vigour that is infectious.

Listen to the track on their soundcloud here:


It’ll be hard to resist getting up out of your seat when you hear this, the cheerful guitar riffs accompanied by the pulsating drums make for a song you can easily get lost in. This is a track which will easily please even the pickiest of listeners.

Hopefully we will be hearing more from The Northcoast in the next few months. I will be keeping my ear to the ground for what they come out with next.

The Northcoast.jpg



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