Deranged to Divine – The wonderful new album from Carina Round


Carina Round has created an album with material spanning from 2001-2015, taken from her first four critically acclaimed albums: ‘The First Blood Mystery’, ‘The Disconnection’, ‘Slow Motion Addict’, ‘Tigermending’, as well as the EP ‘Things You Should Know’, home to the included track ‘For Everything a Reason’ which featured on the TV series ’American Horror Story: Murder House’. Complimented with two previously unreleased recordings, the bewitching ‘Gunshot’ and an alternate version of the track ‘Want More’, this collection perfectly illustrates the uniqueness of Round’s voice, barbed wire lyrics and a catalogue of haunting and beautiful songs.



  1. You Will Be Loved
  2. Into My Blood
  3. Backseat
  4. Girl and the Ghost
  5. Elegy (US Version)
  6. Gunshot
  7. Come to You
  8. You and Me
  9. Downslow
  10. Message to Apollo
  11. Slow Motion Addict
  12. Overcome
  13. Want More (Alternate Version)
  14. How I See It
  15. For Everything a Reason
  16. Lacuna (Radio Version)
  17. Mother’s Pride
  18. The Secret of Drowning / Previously Unreleased / Vinyl Debut

Carina’s tracks are beautifully written and sang perfectly. A favourite track of mine is ‘Mother’s Pride’, check it out below:


It’s taken off of her ‘Tigermending’ album, it is just a pure and beautiful song, I also love the artwork for the ‘Tigermending’ album which you can see on the thumbnail of the video.

Another track I really enjoyed is ‘You and Me’ which is in memory of Jean Round, I’m not sure of the connection between Carina and Jean, but it seems like a beautiful tribute and the video is pretty moving too, it is fairly upbeat but it made me think of someone I had previously lost that I was close too, it made me think of all the happy memories though, it really resonated with me.

Check it out here:



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