The Truebelles – ‘Mister Nobody’

A modern feminist pop revival. The all-girl group has all the power to showcase their women’s right, thanks to Tallulah Bluebell who was recently seen on Britain’s Next Top Model, Lorenna and Grace. The dynamic trio’s new single ‘Mister Nobody’ is exactly what you’d get from this group, fun but with a strong message reflecting their views and the strong personalities they possess.

The Truebelles have character and this draws you in, Tallulah has a vibrant and daring charm that draws you into her quirky world of exploration and edgy art that she dedicates her time which also included BRIT School.

Lorenna’s performing background which includes voicing for Margot Robbie in the film The Legend of Tarzan stands out and compliments Grace’s musical talents which were showcased with Stevie Wonder’s bassist, Nate Watts.Tthis girl group are really unique and I expect them to have a brilliant 2017 and really stamp down as being one of the top groups to look out for.




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