Anarchy Reign’s “Liars” Kickstarts Metal’s Fightback

Just when you thought all music had become bland and safe, along come Anarchy Reigns, a British industrial metal band with a rallying call to arms. The anarchy is mercifully restrained, however – acts of gentle anarchy are spreading like wildfire, due to the band’s social media (see links below) but behind the shindigs is a serious message – that people shouldn’t be satisfied with not having their voice heard.

One person whose voice you will certainly be hearing more of is that of lead Anarchist, Hitch, a whirlwind of anger, humour and slightly theatrical vocals. Live shows are the stuff of legend, seeing the great man descend from the heavens to the stage via his spaceship – who said showbiz was dead?!

Liars is a real earworm which promises much for the release of the EP in the new year. There’s a revolution brewing and it’s wearing leather trousers…







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