LAPP – “Sunny”

There’s a grittiness in LAPP’s voice that make you want to reach for the Dyson (other cleaning devices are available) and clean it out. Half-way through the track you’ll be trying to implant back, such are the strange twists which occur during this track.

Posturing initially as a typical eazy-soul track, it switches to sleazy lounge almost imperceptibly, a wonderfully skillful move which really sets this apart from the crowd. When the saxophone kicks in towards the song’s crescendo, we’re in full red-lightbulb mode and there’s a huge temptation to pull the curtains to keep out prying eyes.

The real promise shown in this track isn’t, oddly, the voice, supremely flexible and sand-papery though it is; it’s the instrumentation, which harks back at least 40 years to bands of session musicians who could nail a take in one every single time. The greasy, succulent swagger of this song is such that if you’re not seduced, you’re already beyond resurrection.


European jazz pianist Massimo Colombo releases ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’

One of the greatest European jazz pianists Massimo Colombo has collected some of the most talented and famous musicians of all time to form a Burt Bacharach tribute album like now other titled ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’. The 13 track album is full of Bacharach classics and 5 instrumentals, exploring the moods of Burt’s well know tracks.

Colombo’s album features the likes of Peter Erskine (ex drummer of Weather Report), double bass player Darek Oles, Bob Mintzer (member of Yellowjackets), Michael Stever and folksinger Kathleen Grace. The range of musicians has led to a unique album that has elements of jazz, folk, funk, soul and pop.

The originality of ‘We All Love Burt Bacharach’ is also due to the producers Giampaolo Pasquile and Michele Garruti’s influences. The duo took inspiration from the likes of Chet Baker, Michael Buble and Norah Jones, meaning that smooth jazz sound also has hidden elements of multiple genres.

Watch the album teaser here:


‘Blueberry Hill’ by Lenny

Having shared a stage with the likes of Razorlight and Feeder, singer-songwriter Lenny Bunn has now recorded his own version of the rock’n’roll classic, ‘Blueberry Hill’.

Lenny offers a more jazzy interpretation of the track which was a favourite of his adopted father who sadly passed away recently. Consequently, the song is dedicated to him. Lenny is evidently pleased with the outcome labelling it ‘more beautiful than ever imagined’.

The popular rock ‘n’ roll cover features talented musician Ibo from the Jamaican reggae band Third World and singer-songwriter Melissa James. Interestingly, the video for ‘Blueberry Hill’ exhibits each member of Lenny’s band recording their section from the comfort of their own homes and studios via an internet call.

Find out more on Lenny here:


‘Christmas Without You’- Daisy Hicks


Daisy Hicks has changed direction from her classically trained roots and is back with the new single, ‘Christmas Without You’.

Her vocals really steal the limelight with a clean, distinct tone that rises above the music, creating pure musical bliss.

Daisy is the daughter of renowned jazz drummer, Tony Hicks, and is also related to international recording artist Chris Rea of ‘Driving Home For Christmas’ fame. One of Daisy’s previous releases, ‘So Much More than Love’ was even featured on the hit US TV series, Pretty Little Liars.

The new, chilled out jazz style, adopted by Hicks was recorded on Elton John’s old piano from his house in Beverly Hills that is now part of Berry House Studios. Having lost her dad 10 years ago to lung cancer, the recording process was an emotional time for Daisy as her father had recorded at Berry House Studios on a number of occasions.

Not only is ‘Christmas Without You a well-crafted piece of listenable pop, but 10% of the digital sales this year will be donated to BBC’s Children In Need.

You can listen to ‘Christmas Without You’ here on Daisy’s website:

Award-winning Italian composer Ferdinando Arnò engineers impressive ambient masterpiece, Music for Radura

Fusing elements of ambient, classical and jazz, this five-song collection of tone poems sees Italian composer Ferdinando Arnò teaming up with an eclectic and acclaimed ensemble of musicians to create a truly otherworldly sonic experience.

Untitled.jpg Inspired by an Italian sound installation, Radura, based in the Cortile della Farmacia of Ca’ Granda in Milan, which was designed by Stefano Boeri, a celebrated architect and urban planner. The instillation is described as a musical oasis and is perfectly designed to match the groups serene sound.

The EP tracks were designed with the intention in mind of being translated for use in the sound installation. With rounded synths, repetitive loops, the collection aims to evoke a spiritual spark in the listener, drawing on the fundamental idea that music is ‘moving air’.

Stream the EP here:

The four members making up the project are Ferdinando Arno, piano and electronics, Melanie Biasio, vocals, Marco Decimo, cello, and Giorgio Cocilovo, moog guitar.


The brainchild behind Music for Radura,Ferdinando Arno, attained a degree in jazz improvisation from Berkllee College of Music. Since then, he has been composing scores for many TV programmes and also cinema including La Prima cosa bella which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film. Also, he is the forming member of the award-winning indie band, Common Mama, whilst also being the founder and CEO of his own music consultancy and production company, Quiet Please!

Other members of the band share equal acclaim – Belgian jazz vocalist Melanie Biasio was nominated for Django d’Or award in 2006, whilst Marco Decimo and Giorgio Cocilovo are both widely esteemed in their fields.

Three of the tracks were co-composed with Melanie Biasio – ‘Beat in my Heart’, ‘Swallow Me’ and ‘L’Enfant de la Nuit’.

Drawing influence from a diverse palette of artists including Max Richter, Arvo Pärt, Keith Jarret and The Doors, the group establish a sound that is entirely their own.


Music for Radura is out June 30th




For more information contact  or call 01223 844 440


Neil C. Young – Encemble Album

With any justice, this album will be a release which allows Young to take his unique style to a wider audience than the existing jazz fan base. He’s already had some help on the quest, with mainstream aficionado Jamie Cullum including him as a recommended gig of the week on several occasions. He’s also worked with big names from jazz guitarists Gary Boyle and Pat McCarthy to, more surprisingly, progressive rock band The Earlies and Mercury Prize nominated singer-songwriter King Creosote.


Stringing together a collective of eight talented jazz musicians over the course of the album, the result is a compelling, complex but accessible brand of jazz music.

Check out this new video for album track ‘Bolo’:





Candi Staton roaming the internet in attempt to find controversial fan!

Candi Staton, famous soul singer, known mostly for her song ‘Young Hearts run free’ not to mention the anthemic tune, recently covered by Florence and the machines, ‘You got the Love’.

She has now taken to YouTube with the help of Quite Great PR to help locate the whereabouts of a fan who recently incurred a large fine when he was playing her music too loudly in a public place. In the video Candi asks her revolutionary fan to reach out to her and join her for a performance at the Jazz Café as her guest on stage!


Jazz Band to roll out new Album

Rolly’s Syndicate: Little Mullu


Rollys Syndicate are the Warwickshire based band, that are mixing contemporary blues and soul. They are now set to release a new album for the summer. Working together, Milli aids Roland with moving lyrics, whilst Ro’ brings the guitar backing. 


You can take a listen to the band on Soundcloud:


Their music has that open air quality you only reall see in the Jazz genre. With great guitar playing and memorable lyrics, the band congregates together; to make a thoroughly enjoyable collection of moving and expressive tracks.

After a long period of co-operation with the band, Milli could no longer commit to the long term vision of the group. However, in honour of the bands history together, the Roland Syndicate decided to dedicate their debut album to Milli and her lyrical talents.

Fortunately, she happily agreed to collaborate on a short term basis. It’s for this reason that most of the lyrics in the album draw their influence from both the bands everyday life and Milli’s personal journey to this point.

The band has now picked a new vocalist from a selection of more than 30 applicants. Her name is Natalie Brown and the band tells us that she is as good as Milli!

Her background includes being the lead vocalist in the original band, StoneSoulUK from February 2006 to October 2013 (writing and performing mainly original material, as well as cover material). Natalie has also lent her vocal talents to the cover band ‘the Bottle’, whilst studying at university (1997-2000). Ontop of all this she has performed at major west midland venues such as The Yardbird, Victoria Square and The Malthouse.

Natalie Brown’s influences include Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson.

Hungarian born, Roland produced the album as part of achieving a degree at Staffordshire University.  He has showcased his talents at many different live gigs such as: The Public (West Bromwich), Hare & Hounds (Birmingham), Bulls Head (Birmingham), Mixing Bowl Theatre (Birmingham). Roland said that he has played many live gigs but for him the biggest event was at the Sziget Festival.

On-top of these live shows, the group has also been featured on the ‘BBC Introducing’ series, played on Radio Warwickshire, Airplay & The Musical Journey show (live), Tweets & web mentions (Clay Lowe/SoulCuzer radio presenter), Radio Plus – Airplay & Live Room Session.

Through the years, Milli and Roland have developed a good understanding of the musical influences they wanted to follow, and thus developed a winning musical chemistry. Roland’s professionalism and creativity seemed to work well with Milli adding her soulful tones, as she is not only a talented vocalist, but also an amazing songwriter with a history in Drama and Literature.

Benny (drummer) & Luke (bass player) were both attracted to the the unique mix of Soul, contemporary Blues and a touch of jazzy elements, they both relate to in their own personal musical backgrounds.

Luke, the bass player in the band was born in Leamington Spa in 1992, picking up his first guitar at the age of 11. It was after watching the video of November Rain that Luke’s hobby turned into a lifelong passion.  He has played from many names such as the African Kora players to Art rock bands and anyone else that would give him his next step into the starlight. His talent developed quickly due to dedication and his love to the art.

Benny, the band’s drummer, plays several styles including jazz, rock, blues and funk. He played in jazz trios, big bands, rock and punk bands through the years. He has recently played in the Boogie snakes and the Holly Perkins Bands.  Making appearances on many different jam sessions around Oxfordshire. Bennys drum kit is a vintage Yamaha kit from 1973, Yamaha Vintage Series snare, Zildjian cymbals with Evans heads. The drummer says that his influencers are Dennis Chambers, Ed Thigpen and Zsolt Mike.

The Unique combination of styles and influences Rolly’s Syndicate produce demonstrates the colourful background of the group members, Roland’s Passion for blues from a Hungarian Background, Beni’s Amazing talent and vast experience playing with various bands and Luke’s alternative veins and passion for Jazz & World Music.

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