Unsettling New Sounds from Mavis Victory Project

Hip-pop? Groovecore? Almost impossible to categorise yet immediately infectious, Mavis Victory Project release their debut track which marries their dreamy sound with a nightmarish video.

If you thought having two brothers in the same band was dangerous, wait until you meet MAVIS VICTORY PROJECT. Featuring a near-record breaking four brothers, and aided and abetted by a childhood friend, the band’s unconventional line-up is the perfect match to their equally mould-breaking sound. Oozing seedy electronic loops and with echoing, swooping vocals, their sound is all dangerous street corners; distant sirens and the creeping underworld. Appropriately, their video is just as unhinged, inviting you into their world whilst looking at you suspiciously out of the corner of their eye.

Watch the video here:

Formed by the Ransom brothers – singer Michael, Phil on rhythm guitar, Ollie on bass, Chris on drums and Robert Rosser on guitar and keyboard – the whole collective is self-taught, taking the indie and garage rock blueprint to heart and learning their craft in any place they could. They honed their sound so it flowed organically – time signatures are out of the window; traditional verse/chorus/verse structures burned and thrown over the neighbour’s hedge. Their new single gets under your skin and slowly starts to peel it off, Michael’s breathy, ethereal vocals lulling you into a false sense of security and then pouncing.

With influences including Arctic Monkeys; Kanye West and ScHoolboy Q, Mavis Victory Project is the musical equivalent of joining a cult – once you’re in, you wonder how you ever managed without. The video to “Don’t Go Away” is due for release on September 22nd and is just as arresting as their sound; with girls, gangs and clandestine weirdery likely to eat away at the inside of your head in a way you won’t be able to resist.







‘Tennessee’ by INJIN

The mysterious yet experienced musician INJIN has released his latest effort, ‘Tennessee’ along with a scenic music video.

Folk rocker INJIN has lived the real rock ‘n’ roll life, hanging out with Jimi Hendrix’s drummer, Mitch, as well as members of Santana. Despite this, it wasn’t always that easy for him. His tough childhood influenced his song writing to form the personal album ‘Tennessee’ that self-reflexively strays from the conveyor belt material being constantly churned out in today’s music industry.

At the young age of just 7, INJIN bizarrely stopped growing and during his teens he was just 3″11 tall which lead to him being bullied at this formative stage of life. Fortunately, he was one of seven lucky ones who were able to receive a ground-breaking new treatment.

I N J I N’s difficult past gave him the knowledge and experience he needed and he soon grew in confidence, pushing musical boundaries by rearranging songs from the likes of Pink Floyd, Ten Years After and Deep Purple with his cover band Ruby Spoon. I N J I N took the name Ruby Spoon to America where he embraced the rock’n’roll lifestyle and his powerful vocals became his signature that helped him stand out from the crowd.

With a throwback 80s-infused sound, INJIN’s work offers something different that lovers of ‘proper’ music will be sure to appreciate.






Independent singer-songwriter Nancy Black returns with ‘Dirty Little Bass’ EP written in a moment of euphoria

Independent singer-songwriter Nancy Black has developed her own unique style for her upcoming pop EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’. Black has collaborated with hip hop artists Lonzo Starr and Young Rob, gained support from Major Lazor and reached number 8 on the Music Week Commercial Chart, showing how much she has developed since going solo.

The former member of all-girl rock band Pink Lemons has grown in confidence and formed an addictive pop EP but with killer dance beats, giving it the Nancy Black edge. Although feisty, ‘Dirty Little Bass’ was written in a strange moment of euphoria after a nasty break up with a girl she fell hopelessly in love with.


Watch the music video to ‘Dirty Little Bass’ here:



New electropop song ‘Step by Step’ from Challan Carmichael

Step By Step Artworksmall

Challan Carmichael releases this upbeat electropop song ‘Step by Step’. It features a fantastic hook and a life-affirming lyrical message.

The artist takes influence from the likes of Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston and Billy Ocean.

Having worked behind the scenes in the music industry for many years supporting artists such as KC Da Rookee and Ben from Phats and Smalls, Challan is now ready to carve a music career of his own.








Karel releases exciting new remix of ‘Closer To My Body’!

Now this is a track to get anybody feeling good! This bouncing dance song sounds like it should be playing in clubs all over the world- perhaps because the artist himself is from Finland, grew up in NYC and has recently moved to the UK. This song has got everyone feeling great and with its catchy tune and brilliant rhythm it’s clear to see how Karel has been influenced by the likes of Calvin Harris and Armin Van Buuren- who he actually met and learnt  from.

This captivating pop tune is an exciting insight into Karel’s growing talents.

Listen to him here!

Darryl Nash releases exciting blend of pop, rock and electronica, ‘Love Sick’


UK DIY artist, Darryl Nash, has a diverse and vibrant sound that is entirely his own. Influenced by artists as eclectic as Lady Gaga, Gary Barlow, Bloc Party and Grimes, Love Sick is an exciting cocktail of rock, pop and electronica. His vocals are bubbly and uplifting, culminating into some truly catchy choruses.  Adding to the energy are the sugary self-produced instrumentals, made up of shiny pianos, crisp guitars and shimmering synths. He even throws in some digital panpipes on ‘I Paid The Angel’.

It’s a promising LP that sees the artist embracing his youthfulness whilst showcasing a fun sense of creativity that keeps the listener constantly on their toes as to what will come next. Check out the fun lead single, ‘The Murder Chain’ below, a hi-octane pop number that spookily inspired from Jack the Ripper.

Love Sick is out 6th May.